Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random Reflective Understanding of WHY

Foundation has initiated me into the life-long and dynamic discovery of why I make art. I left a degree in History behind and came into Foundation solely based on some instinctual impulse. I did not know, in rational terms, why I decided to surrender all my ideas like sacrificial lambs to such a mind-alteringly broad subject. Now I am finding out. I am on the road. Whilst I have always been analytical about my art, the constant art-making and art-critiquing in Foundation has taught me positive self-awareness in my practice. Positive self-awareness is a new thing for me. Before, not at all understanding why I was creating (and not knowing how to find out), my self-awareness was riddled with self-deprecation and cynicism about the relevance of creating art at all. Now nearing the end of Foundation, with focus in my practice and self-assigned limitation in my medium (see Billy Childish manifesto 'freedom through limertation' -, I am overwhelmed with the feeling that what I am doing is the right thing and that it is important.

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