Saturday, January 22, 2011

Big words can make you look stupid

I am sick of cringing at grown-ups writing about art.

This is from the Stephen Friedman Gallery’s description of Mamma Andersson’s exhibition.

“The sense that there is something beyond the painting is constant in all her works where multiple meanings overlap and amalgamate… These paintings constantly challenge our everyday assumptions and appeal to our senses on a multitude of levels.”

These sentences are as lifeless as an egg without a yolk. They read like someone bored, hungry and probably hungover wrote them. The term ‘everyday assumptions’ doesn’t really mean anything and anyone who uses the word ‘multitude’ is a cock. Note how the author pluralises all but one of the nouns in the last sentence to maintain the illusion that he knows many many things (that you will never ever know).

What a fucking bore.